Marketing Campaign Evaluation – The Long-Term Impact of Your Marketing Efforts

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It’s easier than ever before to track the results of your marketing efforts. You can determine the number of clicks your Facebook advertisement received, or see the number of people who completed an inquiry form after viewing an email campaign. However, these high-level analytics can be disheartening if they don’t translate into more revenue or new business. A better way to gauge the success of a campaign is an analysis of your marketing efforts that illustrates the long-term impact of your efforts and how it contributes to the overall revenue, or cost of acquisition (CAC).

A survey for evaluation of campaigns will give you a many different marketing metrics that exceed the digital marketing statistics that are measurable. It combines the measurable information via an online survey, and unquantifiable statistics gathered through market research. This analysis will provide you with an accurate picture of the results of your campaign, which you can use to show your clients, leaders and investors how valuable your marketing efforts are.

With the proper framework and structure, creating an effective campaign evaluation is easy. Begin by defining the goals, objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the campaign. Examine how the campaign correlated to your KPIs. Additionally, note any other advantages the campaign generated that you didn’t anticipate. This information can be valuable when it comes time to decide whether to pursue the same strategy or re-evaluate it.

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